What is InTask?

InTask is an innovative market research software that delivers deep insights into physician decision-making and behavior.  Through its unique and engaging simulation environment, InTask overcomes many of the limitations of current survey methodologies while enabling new solutions to some of the industry’s most difficult research problems.

The InTask Difference

The InTask platform engages physicians in a simulation built around the management of virtual patients, generating research data by recording every action taken by the physician in the course of diagnosing, treating and managing these patients.  Patients return for multiple visits in virtual time, creating rich longitudinal patient treatment data that can be used to drive insights into treatment algorithms and drivers of physician decision-making. Flexible choice architecture allows the InTask platform to simulate and assess the impact of environmental scenarios such as the availability of new products, changes in access and exposure to promotional messages.


From the respondent perspective, the InTask simulation platform has proven to be more engaging and interesting than traditional questionnaires.  The simulation mimics real world activities in a way that makes sense to physicians and stimulates their best thinking.  Proven in both qualitative and quantitative applications, InTask stands ready to help you generate better insights from your market research studies.